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Image by Michael Olsen
Image by Joshua Sukoff
Lagoon tank pools is the ulitmate backyard  addition
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We are Lagoon Tank pools.  We offer steel tank pools to homeowners.  They are a bit fancier than your average big box store pool, yet functional for those who want a quick cool off on  a hot summer day.  Please see the FAQ? for all the answers to your questions. However, below are a few basics. 

WHY install a TANK POOL??

Less hassle-we take care of EVERYTHING- Sourcing, purchasing, delivery, assembly, if you want even site prep

-environmentally friendly-no micro plastics, BPA, or other plastic leeching into environment 

-minimalist and can accommodate tiny yards in urban areas! 

-Can be transported if moving

-PET friendly, and no risk of sides tearing from wildlife (aka: racoons)

-installed by hand


-full customer support and thorough walk through of "how to."

Quick Info:

*Measure your space.  

*level ground is required for the tank

*GFCI out door plug is required for pump set up. 

*a clear path (below and above) to the location is required 

Welcome to Lagoon Tank Pools             

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