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Image by Joshua Sukoff


How Long will it take to get my order?

-We begin taking pre-bookings in January for spring and summer deliveries. 

-Once a deposit is in place, we will Let you know when the pool is in, and book a delivery date from there!

Can I Pre-Order?

-Yes, we will start taking pre-orders for spring starting in January 2023.

How do I do site prep?

-measure your area, order the right size.

-Area has to be level

-Access has to have enough clearance to get the pool to your space

-you will need GFCI electrical outlet access (the one with the reset button).  This is easily installed. 

-can use pea gravel, pavers, or sand as your base.  You can also use the puzzle gym mats underneath/on top of base material then trim them to fit after installation.

-finishing?  You can get as creative as you want. 

Will you site prep for me?

-Yes for an additional fee. We have 15 years experience in the landscaping business. 

Can I build a deck around it?

-Yes, go for it!  There are ample ideas on Pinterest

Can the tank be painted?

-Yes, but we do not offer that service at this time! Any changes made to the tank after installation are not the responsibility of Lagoon Tank Pools.

Can I use chlorine?

-NO, due to the zinc coating on the inside of the pool, chlorine will rust it and decrease your pool life. So, we recommend bromine tablets. 

Can I use Hydrogen Peroxide to sanitize the water?

-Yes, but discuss with us the details of that process.

How long do these pools last?

-Since they are made for farmers fields they can last up to 10 years.  With proper maintenace and proper over wintering you will have this pool for years to come. 

Is it animal proof?

-Yes!  In BC we can get wildlife in our backyards.  Due to the steel walls you will not get punctures from dogs, racoons, or bears.  Make sure to put a pool cover on at night and over the winter!

Can it be a hot tub, too?

-Yes, this is a possibility.  Please ask us for details! 

Do I need a permit?

-Please check with your local city bylaws!

What if I change my mind?

-Sorry. Once we order your pool, we cannot cancel the order.  Please make sure you are decisive on what you want.  

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